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Professor Douglas is a painter and sculptor as well as a scholar. As a specialist in African American culture, he has published widely on the relationship between art and music, art and literature, the political use of Art from a Black perspective, an African American visual aesthetic, and art criticism.Select archives to read some of his published essays and book excerpts. Under archives select a month and significant essays will appear. Some of them are in three parts because of limited space for the entire article. As one of Louisville’s noted artist that include Sam Gilliam and Bob Thompson you can read about the evolution of them from his essay on Louisville Artists edited July 2013. He encourages questions and comments. Thank you.

You are invited to browse artwork, communicate, and find out more about the artist. Check back for updates, or feel free to contact the artist if you have and questions.

This mural entitled “Love and Compassion,” is third painting of four commissioned in 1968 by the Parent and Child Agency of the Park DuValle Community Activity and Health Center. The first, “Depression and Dispair,” the second, “Alienation” and the fourth one “A Heathy Community” illustrated the mission of that Agency. While the Children and Family Agency was defunded along with other efforts of the “Second Reconstruction/War on Poverty and the Great Society,”(circa 1968-1979 under the Nixon administration) the works are now housed in the Park DuValle Education Center. Select Park DuValle Murals to view the other three paintings. Prints are available and proceeds to be used for educational benefits.

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